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Mini LIPS Overview

Mini LIPS Overview


Date:                                       Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Location:                                 Seiler Instrument                                            

                                                            3433 Tree Court Industrial Blvd.

                                                            St. Louis, MO 63122


                                                            Toll Free: 800-489-2282

                                                            Local: 314-968-2282

Lead organizer:           Karrie Berglund, Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.

                                                  , 360-616-8915 x301


Lead host:                   Chuck Rau, Seiler Instrument

                                                  , 314-218-6393 (Direct line)


Schedule (Subject to Change)


8 am: Depart from Renaissance Hotel lobby for Seiler Instrument

8:45 – 9 am: Check in, get badges

9 - 9:30 am: Introductions, overview of day

9:30 -10:10 am: Jean Creighton and Robin Mello, “Storying the Cosmos” workshop, part 1

10:10 – 10:30 am: Break

10:35 – 11:25 am: “Storying the Cosmos” workshop, part two

11:25 am – noon: Derek Demeter, “Dome Designers: Live/Interactive Tech and Art in the Dome” 

Noon – 12:45 pm : Lunch

12:45 – 1:45 pm: Karrie Berglund and other LIPS 2017 attendees, “Data to Dome and Storytelling”

1:45 – 2:30 pm: Jon Elvert; “Kinesthetic Astronomy: The Earth, Moon and Mars Dance”

2:30 – 3 pm: Break

3 – 3:30 pm: Sara Schulz, “Interactivity in the Dome”

3:30 – 4 pm: April Whitt, “Paper Stars”

4 – 4:25 pm: Wrap up and evaluations

4:30 pm: Depart from Seiler Instrument for Renaissance Hotel


Descriptions (Subject to Change)


“Storying the Cosmos” workshop: Jean and Robin (a.k.a. Tale of Scale) will get participants exploring, improvising, storytelling. Participants will explore how to apply dramatic frameworks and techniques to communicate science in their own community. Along with the fun will also explore the ethics and challenges of performing myths and legends from world cultures.


“Dome Designers: Live/Interactive Tech and Art in the Dome”: This presentation will discuss the several projects Emil Buehler Planetarium staff  have done with local technology entrepreneurs and artists in the planetarium dome. All presenters must show their work in a live/interactive manner to audience that attends their showcase. Projects include projecting visible sound, brainwaves, and performing an interactive play in the planetarium.


“Data to Dome and Storytelling”: Those of us who were at LIPS 2017 will discuss the first ever Data to Dome workshop held at a LIPS. After the summary, we will work in small groups to apply  ideas and techniques from the storytelling workshop to enhance presentations using current science data.



“Kinesthetic Astronomy: The Earth, Moon and Mars Dance”: This session introduces three interactive activities that model motions of the earth, moon, and Mars. Although teaching the phases of the moon is not difficult, the Moon Dance relates phases of the moon to the time of day. In the Earth Dance, participants whirl about mimicking orbital motions. The Mars Opposition Dance models the planet’s retrograde movement and planetary opposition in a line-dancing rhythm.


“Interactivity in the Dome”: As part of doctoral thesis research, several planetarians are gathering data in order to understand the nature and kinds of interactive presentations in a planetarium setting. I will describe what we're planning to do, and request input from the LIPS community to understand and gather data about interactivity in the planetarium.


“Paper Stars”: Looking for a high interest, low tech activity for your dome? Using paper and pencil, explore several simple activities you can use to engage or assess student learning. In “Your Personal Constellation” , each student’s name becomes the base for a star pattern. The “Origami Star Catcher” provides a way to measure student knowledge or evaluation a lesson.